Apple Announces Developer ID

Apple today sent out emails to their Mac developers notifying them of the new Apple Developer ID. This is a way of making sure that malware does not enter a user’s Mac by working with Gatekeeper to help developers sign their apps using their unique Developer ID. Since there are still many developers that do not wish to distribute their apps via the Mac App Store, they can instead obtain a Developer ID through the Apple Developer Member Center and the automated certificate request tool in Xcode 4.3, or by using the Developer Certificate Utility

The Mac App Store is the safest place for users to get software for their Mac, but we also want to protect users when they download applications from other places. Developer ID is a new way to help prevent users from installing malware on their Mac. Along with Gatekeeper, a new feature in Mountain Lion, signing applications with your Developer ID certificate provides users with the confidence that your application is not known malware and has not been tampered with.

If you’re a developer, it is recommended that you check your inbox for the full email and visit the Developer Portal for further instructions.

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