Intel Confirms Ivy Bridge CPU Delayed Until June

Intel has confirmed reports that the upcoming Ivy Bridge processor will be delayed until June. Apple, as well as many other ultrabook manufacturers, plan to use the efficient 22nm chip in the next-generation of laptops, so there is a very good chance that the MacBook won’t be refreshed until the new CPU is ready for mass production…

Sean Maloney, the executive VP of Intel, notes that the issue isn’t a lack of demand, but rather difficulties with the manufacturing process. This will come as a blow to users who plan on upgrading, but the wait will still be worth it: Ivy Bridge features a significantly faster integrated GPU and reduced power consumption, making it the prime candidate for the next-gen Pro and Air.

In his first interview to discuss Intel’s business in China, Mr Maloney told the Financial Times that the start of sales of machines equipped with Ivy Bridge – the 22nm processor set to succeed Sandy Bridge in notebooks this year – had been pushed back from April. “I think maybe it’s June now,” he said.

[Financial Times]

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