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All dumbphones have one. All smartphones have one. All iDevices lacked one until iOS 5. The use of a simple tasks list has always been overlooked. Clear aims to bring the simplicity of a task list and add the natural feel of iOS gestures to make this one of the best apps on the app store.  Read on for the full review…


Like Apple in iOS, the developers behind Clear have sacrificed a few features for interface. Although this can have users asking for more, the core of the features is not affected. Some of these features lost include: push notifications, task notes, and due dates. All of these simple features are missing and can really bring down this app.

The app is missing many features being just a simple checklist.

However, what you do have to play with works well. The simplistic task list is quite easy and really all most users need. The ability of creating multiple lists allows users to keeping things organized. These, unfortunately, are the only two included features in Clear outside the interface and themes.

Although missing features, the features that are built in work wonderfully.

Features: ★★★★


The graphics can be summed up in two words, both of which are well known to the Apple world, simple and natural. Clear, however, outdoes Apple at their own game here making something that is more simplistic, and more natural than anything Apple has done to date.

The graphics in Clear are just simple.

Simple. The interface is just really dumbed down; in a good way too. The entire matte design walks away from the Apple glossy design and is just soft on the eyes. Included with Clear are 5 simple themes that are sure to suite anyone’s style.

There are quite a few themes included with this app, each with its unique personality.

Natural. The main idea behind Clear is its user interface. Taps, swipes, and pinches, with the introduction of the original iPhone, Apple raved about all of these features, yet they couldn’t execute them the best. Clear breaks this and allows users the most natural way to navigate that isn’t just intuitive, it just feels right.

Pinching to go back to the previous menu just feels right.

Graphics: ★★★★★


The least expected things from a checklist app is audio. This app is filled with sound effects for everything. The problem is not the quantity; it’s not the quality either. It’s the type of sounds chosen. Not only do they not fit with the app, they are intrusive and annoying as well. Thankfully you can shut them off.

The audio in this app can get quite annoying.

Audio: ★★★½


The main reason to keep using this app would be for the interface. The simplistic, natural navigation system is amazing and just fun to use. However, this app’s loss of features really hits hard against it since Apples default already out features Clear. At the end of the day, it becomes a features versus graphics battle. In Apple’s world, graphics has always won, I don’t think it does this time around though.

Reuse: ★★★★


I really get the feeling that this app isn’t quite finished yet. This two dollar app has amazing potential with the unique interface that just works with its simplistic styling. However, the app really needs more features and go into deeper depth. Clear has an enormous amount of potential to become a must have, Reminders killing app; it just hasn’t reached it yet.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

Clear may not have everything in terms of features. It may even have some annoying parts. However, what it does have it does well. Although not the greatest tasks app, Clear has that potential to reach great heights with its unique interface and design.

Overall Score

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