iBooks DRM Cracked for the First Time

As noted by The Digital Reader, a user at the MobileRead forums pointed out that a hacker has been able to successfully bypass Apple’s iBooks Digital Rights Management (DRM) copy management. According to the forum post, “Brahms” has released an update to his Requiem software — which is a tool that has been used to remove the DRM protection from music and videos purchased in the App Store for quite some time — to version 3.3, which adds the ability to remove the DRM protection from iBooks that are in the ePub format. More coverage on this after the break!

It is now possible to remove the DRM from epub ebooks bought in Apple’s iBooks store.

“Brahms”, has recently released a new version, 3.3, of his Requiem software, which has been able to remove DRM from music and videos bought in the iTunes Music Store for a long time.

This new version can also remove the DRM from Apple’s epub format ebooks.

This is the first time since its inception in January of 2010 that content from iBooks has ever been circumvented. It’s highly possible that Apple will soon release a fix that patches this hack, though the hackers will most likely just find another hole in the future.

We ask that you do not discuss any details about removing the DRM protection from Apple’s content in the comments. Also, please do not reveal the location of said tools nor how to obtain them.

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