Apple Preparing More Compact Dock Connector for iOS Devices

According to Rene Ritchie for iMore, Apple is readying a new dock connector for their iOS devices that will be more compact and allow for more space to be given to the internal components of the devices. Right after reading this, you’re probably thinking “Thunderbolt,” but the report says this will not be happening. Richie asserts that iOS devices “probably” won’t be able to cope with a Thunderbolt port because they don’t utilize the PCI Express architecture. Just because they can’t use Thunderbolt, however, doesn’t mean there’s no way to make the port smaller…

Richie believes that Apple will probably go for the same proportions as a Micro-USB port, though not with the actual port itself since “it’s not faster and not Apple’s style.” Apple’s current iOS dock connector is a 30-pin plug that is 2 cm wide, or 2.5 cm including the entire plug. In the last change to the dock connector, Apple merely shortened it about a centimeter, which made it a bit more compact than its predecessor. There have been rumors that Apple will redesign the dock connector on their upcoming iPad 3, though not many recent reports seemed to back this.

[iMore] Image via I’m George

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