iOS 5.0.1 Bug Allows Access to Contacts without Passcode

In the past few versions of iOS, there have been multiple security holes that have allowed unauthorized access into certain portions — sometimes all — of the operating system. Today, yet another recently discovered bug has surfaced that has to do with iOS 5.0.1 and the address book. According to iPhoneislam, if you insert and then eject your iPhone’s SIM card, you will be granted access to the Phone app on your iPhone without first inputting your passcode…

iPhoneislam refers to the flaw as “major,” even though you actually have to go through quite a lot of trouble to get it to work — no really, the blogger at iPhoneislam had to try it over ten times to get it to work. Still, this is a flaw that Apple needs to fix, which they most likely will do in iOS 5.1 — currently rumored to be released with the iPad 3 early next month. Watch the video below to see how the security flaw works.

[iPhoneislam via The Verge]

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