iPhone 4G: Proof?

In a surprising find by tech blog Engadget a picture of the iPad that was leaked the night before launch actually shows an iPhone sitting beside it. And sure enough, this iPhone matches those leaked previously, which were debunked as nothing more than a Japanese knock-off of Apple’s smash success.

According to Engadget, they’ve had a picture of the iPhone 4G prototype for months, since January 26th, the night before the iPad was launched. Not suprising, since it is likely that the design of the iPhone 4G has been set for months, even though the release may take place in June..

Also cited is an ‘inside source,’ who says that the iPhone 4G does actually have a higher-resolution screen, front-facing camera (the little ‘button’ in the picture), a better camera on the back (with flash!), and support for MicroSIM cards.

Compared to the original pictures that surfaced, the phone in the picture (supposedly from a test room in the Apple Campus itself; keep in mind this picture is from the night of January 26, 2010, the day before the iPad, in the background, was revealed) does look similar.

With this new picture from January, do you think that the device pictured is the new iPhone? Or that its something else? Sound off in the comments!


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