Legal Loop: Proview Readying Settlement for Apple iPad Trademark Suit

AFP today reports that Proview Technology has indicated that they wish to reach a settlement with Apple on their iPad trademark lawsuit in China. The corporation hopes to gain as much as $2 billion in compensation for this suit and has been putting a lot of effort into the action.

“We are now preparing for negotiations,” Proview’s lawyer, Xie Xianghui, told AFP. “The court cases will continue until we reach an agreement.”

Just yesterday, Apple had threatened to take legal action against Proview for defamation in their public statements. Proview is currently very low on assets, so they have resorted to suing a corporation that has them. However, Apple has retaliated with very high efforts to put Proview’s accusations and trademark infringement claims to an end with an understanding.

Apple did indeed violate Proview’s “iPAD” trademark — which was an “Internet Personal Access Device” released by the corporation in 2000 — with their 2010 tablet. Despite that, Apple’s lawyers warned Proview yesterday saying that “It is inappropriate to release information contrary to the facts to the media, especially when such disclosures have the effect of wrongfully causing damage to Apple’s reputation.”

[AFP via 9to5Mac]

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