Apple to Revamp iTunes Store, App Store Later This Year?

To better compete with the growing popularity of new services such as Spotify and Amazon’s online music store, Apple is expected to overhaul the iTunes Store for the first time in over three years. According to Mark Gurman for 9to5Mac, redesigning the iTunes Store for Mac and PC is a top priority for Apple and will be completed before the end of this year… 

The changes that are expected to be made include a much simpler and user-friendly design, easier ways to discover new songs, videos, and other content, and much better interactivity with the iTunes music, movies, TV shows, and App Store sections. The iBooksstore, too, might also receive a refresh at some point this year.

While the iTunes App Store is an incredibly and unprecedentedly popular service, many users have complained about how difficult it sometimes is to find new and exciting software for their iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches. Apple is likely working on a more interactive way of locating iOS device software to solve these concerns. The interactivity that Apple wants within the digital store is something Apple could only likely pull off by housing the store within a full-fledged application, not a pure web browser experience.

Gurman suggests that Apple should focus on introducing these new iTunes and App Stores with the release of OS X Mountain Lion this summer, but adds that a September launch is more likely.


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