Make Mountain Lion’s Notification Center Useful With Hiss

When Apple announced OS X 10.8 last week, many users were concerned that running multiple separate notification managers would be awkward, especially considering the fact that Apple is reserving Notification Center support for apps sold through the App Store. Some applications will be granted access to Apple’s native solution while non-MAS apps will be relegated to using a 3rd party service like Growl.

Growl responded to Apple’s Notification Center announcement, and will continue working as promised on Growl 1.4 and 2.0. The developers have plans to integrate their service with Apple’s, but early adopters who have already installed the Mountain Lion preview and don’t want to wait can use Hiss. Hiss is a new app for OS X 10.8 that quietly sits in the background and forwards all Growl alerts to Notification Center.

Since it’s an early release, the service isn’t totally integrated quite yet—all forwarded notifications appear to be from the same app and are not sorted into the correct sections in Notification Center, but the devs are still in the process of adding new features. We hope that Growl and Notification Center can live side-by-side, but for users who want to make the barren Notification Center more useful can hit the source and give Hiss a try.

[Hiss via The Verge]

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