Legal Loop: iPhone 4 Users Can Claim $15 or Free Bumper Case in “Antennagate” Settlement

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According to CNET, a settlement was reached today in a class action lawsuit related to antenna reception issues with the iPhone 4. U.S. residents who purchased the iPhone 4 are entitled to $15 or a free bumper case from Apple, and can claim their settlement prior to April 30, 2012. Following that date, there is a 120 day claim period. In the coming weeks, a website titled will open to provide instructions on how to make a claim. This lawsuit stemmed from what was informally known as “antennagate,” which emerged nearly two years ago following the launch of the iPhone 4…

Several users reported that they were losing signal when they were holding their iPhone 4 a certain way, which prompted Apple to offer early adopters of the handset a free bumper case as a form of compensation for the inconvenience and as a solution to the reception issues. The situation was apparently bad enough for Apple to allegedly fire the employee responsible for the mishap and for Consumer Reports to revoke its recommendation of the iPhone 4. Have you ever suffered from lost signal due to “antennagate”? Will you be making your claim?

“We believe that the Apple iPhone 4 settlement is fair, adequate, and reasonable,” Ira Rothken, co-lead counsel representing the class, told CNET. “We believe that it allows members of the class to choose, and they can get $15 of cash or a bumper, so we believe that type of choice is proportional to the circumstances.”



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