Open Forum: Where Apple is Heading in 2012 and Beyond

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A few days ago, tech enthusiast Shawn Blanc shared his opinion regarding the direction he believes Apple is headed in 2012 and beyond. Blanc believes that Apple has finally laid the foundation for its current products and services, beginning with the iPhone and iOS in 2007, and will now begin to focus on building upon that core. According to Blanc, the future is going to be fruitful for Apple — pun intended — at least for the next few years. Here’s why…

“Apple spent the previous several years getting their mobile devices, desktop hardware, and operating systems all right where they want them. The foundation has been laid, and starting in 2012 they’ll be building on that foundation,” wrote Blanc. “It sounds dramatic and even a bit cliché, but this is the beginning of the future for them. Apple isn’t slowing down any time soon.”

In addition to the already-confirmed OS X Mountain Lion, Blanc expects Apple to release the third-generation iPad, sixth-generation iPhone, iOS 6, a significant update to the MacBook Pro lineup, and possibly a television set before the end of this year. So, do you share the same opinion as Shawn Blanc or do you see Apple taking a different direction in 2012? Sound off in the comments.

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