Apple TV Sold Out, Refresh May be Imminent

According to a report by Cnet, Cupertino’s supply of Apple TVs are running thin, suggesting that refreshed units will soon be released. The rumors surrounding the Apple Television set are louder than ever, and it’s possible that Apple is starting to phase out the set-top-box in favor of a full TV set. We hope that the company continues to offer both systems side-by-side, but an unnerving quote from a BestBuy rep to AppleInsider¬†indicates that it’s possible that the ATV as we know it may not be¬†returning:

“At this point in time, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting [the Apple TV] back,” the representative said after performing an inventory check.

Obviously, this could just mean that a new model is inbound, but it wouldn’t be the first time Apple dropped an old product line in favor of a new one.


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