More iOS Devices Were Sold in 2011 than Macs, Ever

A report by Asymco on the cumulative sales of various Apple products points out an incredibly revealing fact: more iOS devices were sold in the year 2011 alone (156 million) than all Macs combined over the past 28 years. As of last year, a grand total of 316 million iOS devices have been sold, compared to 122 million Macs.

Judging by today’s Mountain Lion announcement, it appears that Apple realizes that iOS is pure gold. The ‘iOS-ification’ of OS X is a strategic move to entice iOS users to buy Macs for the tight integration, and give the desktop operating system the same ease of use that made iOS so popular. It’s a smart move, but only time will tell if it helps Macs gain the same massive adoption that iOS devices have received.


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