Mac OS X is Now ‘OS X’

In today’s Mountain Lion release, Apple has finally moved to detach Mac from OS X in the title of the operating system. According to new information located in the “About This Mac” in Mountain Lion, the operating system is to thus forth be named simply “OS X.” Apple is not moving away from the Macintosh name in any way, but is instead trying to shorten and simplify the name of their desktop operating system just as they did with iOS…

The Verge has established that Apple is more partial to calling the new OS “OS X Mountain Lion,” as opposed to the “Mac” preceding it.

We confirmed the official name change with Apple, who told us that the preferred full name is “OS X Mountain Lion”.

Strangely, Apple is still using the traditional “Mac OS X” naming system for Lion in both the product web page and the Mac App Store product page. It seems that the corporation is going to make Mountain Lion the first Macintosh OS that will feature the new abridged OS X label.

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