Siri Confesses that She Will Soon Speak Japanese

9to5Mac has noticed that Apple’s personal assistant is apparently able to speak Japanese, though not quite yet. It seems that Siri has mistakenly leaked one of her upcoming language additions to the Apple blog earlier today. While Japanese is currently not supported in the Siri’s settings pane within the iPhone settings app, Apple’s Siri FAQ webpage does note that the language will be supported sometime this year. Now, the real question is, what other secrets does Siri hold?

Even though it’s common knowledge that Japanese is on this list of upcoming languages, the fact that Siri’s answer lists it now hints that Apple may add it in an iOS update very soon, possibly even at the rumored iPad 3 announcement event next month.

It has been reported that Apple is disabling Siri on unsupported devices — ones that use jailbreak methods like Spire to access the personal assistant.


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