Square Off: iPad 2 vs. Kindle Fire

Every Tuesday, iFans picks two controversial topics to debate about in the weekly “Square Off” column. This week, we’re plotting the iPad 2 and Kindle Fire tablets against each other as the purported launch of the iPad 3 nears. Square Off Archives

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad 2 last year, he claimed that 2011 would be the “year of the iPad 2.” Fast forward nearly one calendar year, and that statement definitely proved to be true based on sales of the Apple tablet alone. In recent months, however, Amazon launched the Kindle Fire tablet with an aggressive price of just $199. It was also suggested that Amazon was actually losing money by offering the tablet at such a competitive price, but hopes it will recuperate profits by selling content.

Comparatively, the base model iPad 2 currently retails for $499. So, before the launch of the iPad 3, we want to know: iPad 2 or Kindle Fire? We’re talking features, the app ecosystem, price point, design, ease of use, functionality, specifications, and everything else in the tablet spectrum. Square off!

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