2012 MacBook Pro to be Radically Changed

Amidst the numerous rumors pertaining to the iPad 3, Gizmodo editor Jesus Diaz has shifted the spotlight towards Apple’s plans for the next-generation MacBook Pro lineup. According to Diaz, the 2012 MacBook Pro will be revamped in a radical way with a design that very closely resembles the simplified yet powerful MacBook Air. The new MacBook Pro is expected to use Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors, which will provide much better performance than current MacBooks are capable of. But, that’s just a glimpse of what we can expect…

Furthermore, Diaz suggests that Apple will ditch the clunky hard drive and transition to SSDs — solid-state drives — that will likely use flash memory. The new MacBook Pros will also be free of “legacy stuff,” including compact disk drives, Ethernet ports, and FireWire. Instead, the emphasis will be on USB and Thunderbolt ports; the latter has several different adapters available for the aforementioned legacy technology. Additional features that the next-generation MacBook Pro will allegedly have include a higher resolution display, a better graphics chip, full surface trackpad, improved battery life, and an entirely redesigned, super-slim design.


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