Apple Shares Reach the $500 Mark, a New Record

Apple shares keep rising, and rising, and rising. Earlier today, individual shares of Apple’s stock reached the $500 plateau today for the first time in company history, peaking at just under $504 each. The growth of Apple’s stock (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been tremendous, especially when you consider that individual shares were trading for just under $360 only one calendar year ago. But, go back even further and you’ll truly realize how far Apple has come on the stock market…

Go back two years, and the closing price for Apple’s stock was just $200.38 on February 15th, 2010. Perhaps most mind boggling, however, is that Apple shares traded for just $7 apiece nine years ago today. The significant surge in Apple’s stock price might be confusing for one analyst who, last month, projected that shares would plummet due to the new Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android.

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