Charge Your iOS Device with This Special Wall Plate

If you feel like remodeling your house or replacing all of the wall sockets and also own an iOS device, then you might as well spend ten times that of a regular socket to get RCA’s USB Wall Plate Charger. The special alternative socket will power any devices that support charging via two USB ports and also has one regular three-prong outlet for a surge protector or anything else. One of the greatest things about this wall plate is that it is able to supply 2.1 amps of power through the USB ports, which is even enough to power the iPad.

The RCA USB Wall Plate charger costs $19.99, which isn’t too bad when compared to Apple’s USB wall charger that’s available for their iPad. Still, before you go off to buy this peripheral, you may want to read a small piece that Marco Arment, developer of Instapaper wrote on USB. He believes┬áthat USB could be outdated within a few years, so buying this may not be the best decision just yet. Also, Apple is expected to move towards charging over Thunderbolt soon.

[Cult of Mac]

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