Instagram 2.1 Released with Fresh UI and More

The popular photography app Instagram has received an update that refreshes its user interface, adds a new “Sierra” filter, improves push notifications, allows for profile picture changes in-app, and adds Lux to enhance your photos. The new user interface is definitely a big improvement from the previous one as it adds a lot of simplicity to the app and also has more of a modern feel to it…

However, while the most major change in version 2.1 is the new user interface, the addition of Lux will also prove to be very helpful for those pictures that came out very under-exposed, either due to low light or bad lighting in areas. The developers don’t explain how Lux works, though it seems to be something like the iPhone’s HDR setting in the Camera app. If you’d like to see what a photo that has been corrected with Lux looks like, then Instagram’s blog post on the subject is for you.

Lastly, the developers also added a prompt that will ask if it’s okay to access your iPhone’s address book. As you may remember, it was recently revealed that the social networking app Path has been accessing your iPhone’s contacts without your permission. The developers of Path apologized for the wrong that they had done, though many users are still unhappy with them over this. In any case, Instagram is trying to show that they care about your address book privacy and will not even look at the entries without your consent.

Instagram version 2.1 is available free of charge in the App Store.

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