Open Forum: Why the iPhone is Worse Than a BlackBerry

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Three days ago, Jonathan Geller published a rather interesting article on BGR about why he thinks the iPhone is worse than RIM’s BlackBerry phones. In the article, Geller asserts that he really loves his iPhone and has no hard feelings against Apple. However, he “need[s] more control over [his] alerts.” Keep reading for more details.

Here’s a small bit of Geller’s story:

I really wish Apple would create an area in settings, or even add on to the notifications options, to allow users to set custom alert settings for different things. For instance, I’d love it if I could have different profile modes with settings for vibrate, ring, volume and ringtone much like how RIM’s BlackBerry phones have worked for ages. And there’s plenty of room for improvement beyond what RIM is doing in its BlackBerry OS… just look at how great Motorola’s Smart Actions feature is. Apple could totally take this one step further and allow location-based profiles for alerts, system settings, and more. When I get home, I want Bluetooth to turn off automatically, and I want my alert profile to change, for instance.

So, what do you think about Geller’s opinion? Is the BlackBerry really better than the iPhone just because one element is better? Obviously, you opinion could be that the iPhone is meant for a different kind of person than the BlackBerry is, which makes complete sense. However, just because the phone isn’t a valuable asset to yourself doesn’t mean that it won’t be to someone else. Think about this subject before you respond — there’s no need to make haste. Also, feel free to discuss the topic in the forums.

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