Headphone Review: NUForce NE 770X

While all the companies are introducing new IEMs that you’d have to give an arm and a leg for, NUForce thinks the opposite direction. With the introduction of the NE 770X, it takes many design aspects from its bigger brother, but shapes the sound in a much clearer fashion. Fixing up many of the sonic characteristics that the bigger brother had, the 770s still contain minute problems in the build but improve on comfort and value.  Read on for the full reivew: 


  • Driver: 8mm Dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 20 – 20000 Hz
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 102 dB

In The Box

  • NUForce NE 770X IEM
  • Carrying Pouch
  • 6 Sets of Ear Tips (2 x S/M/L)

The 770s come with a good amount of accessories for a 50 dollar IEM.


NE 700 minus metallic materials plus glossy, crystalline design aspect plus plastic equals NE 770. In a quick statement, this is exactly what NUForce did with the 770s. The resulting change is a design that is still both pleasing to the eye, and doesn’t sacrifice the 700’s metallic shine. The crystal-themed design of the 770s really gives the IEMs a new shape of their own. The translucent aspect helps give the entire IEM much more depth and openness compared to the 700s. One minor thing about the design though is that the IEMs tend to feel really cheap compared to the 700s. Overall, this design inherits much from its bigger brother, although it is still unique in its own way.


The design of the NE 770s are really nice with a good amount of shine to them.

Design: ★★★★½


The sound quality of these retains the bass-driven structure the 700s had, but opens up more with thinner bass leading to a more transparent midrange. The treble, like the 700s stays light on its feet still and barely makes an impression on the sound similar to the 700s’ highs.


With a much larger emphasis on the mid-bass, this bass can be really boomy. With most boomy bass, the sheer impact is enough to really wipe the socks straight off your feet and have you turning sideways. OK, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it’s still really strong bass. The deeper, sub bass is there, but the big emphasis on the mid-bass can easily cover them up which is not as wanted. Still, texture is still top notch. The bass itself can seem to come a little too strong at times.

Bass: ★★★★


Although it has a slight hint of resonance in the vocals, the mids do come out and shine contrary to what the highs do. The midrange does have good detailing, but I still felt I wasn’t getting the entire picture when listening to this. Although the clarity is good, the resonance can really kill it at times. A sense of transparency and openness in comparison from the 700s is a nice touch, but still are lacking overall. Overall, the midrange is good, but I wouldn’t dare bring it above that rating.

Mids: ★★★★


Like I’ve alluded to before, the high end isn’t the most lively of highs. They are actually just the opposite. The spearing high end does have some sparkle in it, but definite finds itself recessed and needing a lot more energy in general. A slight sibilance hovers over each and every cymbal smash which isn’t really enjoyable. Details are definitely there if you can separate them from the smearing. Overall, the highs really weren’t too enjoyable, and like the 700s, need improvement.

Highs: ★★★½

Audio: ★★★★


In a world of Kevlar enforced, twisted, and fabricated cables, NUForce takes the decision to stick to the standard plastic cables. Quite honestly, I don’t like it and feel that the rubber Apple cabling is still a step above the plastic used. Plastic easily hardens and a memory effect can easily take over with these type of cables which is bad overall.

There is a case included though, which is always a good sign. Using the same exact fabric pouch that is included with the 700s, NUForce does do a good job to ensure that the IEMs will remain protected when out of use. The pouch itself isn’t the strongest, but does do its job well.

The included pouch does help keep the IEMs protected, which is definitely a requirement since the IEMs seem somewhat defenseless on their own.

The headphone jack does have a nice flexible strain relief on it, but remains straight. The gold plating does help against corrosion which does help redeem it a little better.

The headphone jack remains straight and isn’t really a big upgrade build-wise.

The housings are a place that were strong suites on the 700s. In the 770s, the housings are still strong and resilient, especially for being plastic. The thicker plastic used does feel solid despite giving the impression that it’s cheaper. Like the 700s, the strain reliefs on these are still tiny and small.

Build: ★★★½


NUForce does improve upon the 700s comfort here by creating a lighter ‘phone overall. The comfort really can’t be surpassed. With 3 sets of tips, along with a replacement set for them, NUForce does give the standard to ensure users can get a proper seal with their IEMs. Are they the most comfortable IEMs I’ve worn? Probably not. Are they comfortable? You can bet they definitely are.

NUForce was kind enough to include 2 sets of tips for each person so there is no need to purchase backups. Comfort is still top notch; actually, it’s better than the 700s.

Comfort: ★★★★★


Fifty dollars does seem slightly too expensive for these IEMs. Although this quality might have worked a few years back, it will not work well in today’s day and age as the unknown audio companies are coming out from the blue and releasing huge bang for the buck IEMs. Still, they do have lots to claim for the value. Design can’t really be outdone here, neither can the comfort. Audio-wise, you could do much better for the price. If you want to stick in the NUForce household, I would still urge you to focus your attention towards the 700s over the 770s as they prove to be an overall better quality.

Value: ★★★½

Final Thoughts

NUForce had a good battle plan: to release lower-end phones while all the other companies were doing high-end flagships. However, they execution of such a plan could have been slightly better. These headphones do provide some good things, but I was looking for some improvement in quality; even if it wasn’t audio.

I’d like to thank Jessica for the review sample.

Overall Score

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