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The minds behind Sentinel, one of the most popular tower defense games in the App Store, brings you the sequel to the game, Sentinel 2. Some of you may be tired of the average tower defense game, but I’ll tell you now, Sentinel 2 isn’t your average tower defense game. Not only does it feature a variety of towers and upgrades, each with it’s own strengths and weaknesses, it also introduces a nifty system that helps you attack your enemies. Sentinel 2 is an absolute must for any tower defense lover.

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Released: Jul 19, 2009
Seller: Origin8 Technologies Limited
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Version: 1.1.1 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)
9.8 MB

Presentation & Graphics: For the first time opening the game, I was amazed by how the main menu looked. With the game’s genre based on Sci-Fi, the main menu looked really futuristic and real. The transition between each menu were stunning and smooth, making even tapping buttons a little more fun. I don’t have much of a complaint about the menus, everything is designed beautifully. However, one problem is that some buttons are too close together, making you press the wrong button sometimes, but this isn’t something major.

Whilst in the actual game, at the default camera height, the terrain looks really nice and its as if they were of really high quality, but as you zoom in, the quality slowly becomes worse and worse. This was probably the only bad thing about the graphics, everything else looked great. One thing I absolutely loved was the graphics of the towers, aliens and barriers. This was because they gave a little cartoony feel while maintaining the realism. It brought a sense of uniqueness to the game for me.

Audio: Whilst in the menu, there’s a very Sci-Fi-ish music that plays in the background. There’s also a nice transitional sound that goes along with the transition between menus. Like many of the newer apps, Sentinel 2 allows you to listen to your own music while playing the game as an alternative to their own. This is a great feature especially since they only have one background music for you while you play the game. The first time listening to it, I would say that it’s actually pretty decent, but after playing the game for quite some time, it does get repetitive and boring, but I guess that’s why they let you listen to your own music. That’s probably the only downside, everything else is great. There’s sound effects for almost everything, the towers shooting, the aliens dieing, anything you’d expect to have sound effects.

Gameplay & Controls: Sentinel 2 is a very simple game that anyone can learn how to play in an instant. It has very simple controls that only consist of dragging and tapping. More over, it even teaches you how to play at the start of the game. A perfect control scheme for a tower defense game, simple and intuitive at the same time.

Like every tower defense game, the goal is to stop the enemies from reaching a point and surviving all the waves. In Sentinel 2, there are 2 barriers which block the aliens that are invading and also help attack a little. If these barriers survive, you get extra points at the end of a wave, if they get destroyed, you don’t. If the first barrier is destroyed, all that happens is you don’t get the extra points, but if the last barrier gets destroyed, the aliens will make it past the point, and you lose the game.

There are 5 towers in total, each with their own specialties and upgrades. Every tower has their own strengths and weaknesses against different aliens. Some may be strong against groups of aliens while they’re weak against single ones, some may even help the aliens. With each upgrade, the tower gets a new look and becomes stronger, each time costing the same price until the last upgrade. While in the game, you can buy drones to repair the barriers or collect energy for some nifty attacks on the enemies. This is the system I was talking about, It can really save you sometimes if you know when to use it. These attacks use different amount of energies, the more energy used, the more damage they deal.

Overall, the gameplay is amazingly fun for a tower defense game. Sadly the game really lacks in levels. There are only 4 levels in the Campaign mode, each lasting for about 30 minutes depending on how long you take to kill each wave. Campaign has 2 modes available. One is Assault and the other, which has to be unlocked by completing the Assault mode, is Endurance. Assault mode is just your average mode which has the normal gameplay of a tower defense. Endurance is typically the same, but never ends unless the aliens destroy the barriers and get pass the point. There’s 4 difficulties available to Campaign, ranging from Easy to Psycho. Other than playing Campaign, you can play 10 different Missions that just require you to survive for a set time, prevent any damage dealt to the barriers, and a range of others.

Replay Value: As a tower defense game, the fun won’t last very long with only 4 levels and 10 missions. Endurance mode probably won’t keep you busy since it isn’t much fun playing the same level again, but with global highscores, the game may keep you playing a little longer. Luckily there are achievements through OpenFeint, but it won’t be long until you unlock them all. Sentinel 2 probably wouldn’t last on my springboard for too long.

Value For Money: With the amazing graphics and audio I would consider it a pretty good price at $1.99. The game is fun and addictive, but since it lacks in the amount of levels, the fun won’t last for too long. This is the main reason I would drop it from a ‘good price’ to a ‘decent price’, but there are possibilities that there may be updates in the future that adds more levels, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Presentation & Graphics Rating: [rating:4.5/5] 4.5/5 – The graphics are amazingly beautiful, but the terrain is a little bit ugly when zoomed in.
Audio Rating: [rating:4/5] 4/5 – Audio suits the game really well but gets boring eventually, luckily you can listen to your own music.
Gameplay & Controls Rating: [rating:4/5] 4/5 – The game is fun and easy to play, but lacks in levels.
Replay Value Rating: [rating:3.5/5] 3.5/5 – The lack of levels really deducted the marks here, but with global highscores and achievements, it’s actually pretty decent.
Value For Money Rating: [rating:3.5/5] 3.5/5 – Nice graphics and audio, easy to learn how to play, but lacks in levels and the fun won’t last for long. All of this for $1.99 isn’t that much of a great price, $0.99 would be better.

Overall Rating: [rating:overall/5] 4 – Overall, the game is actually pretty great. With the nice graphics and audio, simple and intuitive controls, the game is entertaining for the time it lasts. Even after you finish the campaign and missions, there’s still the achievements to unlock and endurance mode, but honestly, they won’t last too long.

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