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You turn on the channel 3 news and see a live police chase happening right in your back yard! You look out the window, feel the pleasant breeze, and look forward. That’s when you realize, you’re the cop in chasing the non-law-abider! While the caption on the news reads, “Police Officer Can’t Catch Red Sedan” you feel embarrassed and work to destroy that red sedan. Smash Cops offers any player just this type of intense, fun gameplay that is simple to jump straight into.  Read on for the full review: 


The objectives of Smash Cops is quite simple, get from point A to B, work on your driving skills, or, more importantly, arrest the suspect in question by totaling their car! Smash Cops puts players right behind… the cameraman filming the Channel 3 Newscast while they control the cop car. Players must destroy the suspect by repeatedly ramming their car, and avoiding traffic and obstacles. Unlike real life, drivers won’t move out of the way for you! This makes the game not only faster paced, but much more exciting in general.

If you like smashing cars, this is definitely a great way to do it legally.

If you ever get tired of your standard cruiser, you can unlock new cars as you gain stars. Each car has its own strength and weakness, so choosing the right car for the right mission will make a huge difference. Sporty fast cars tend to lack in defensive abilities while strong enforcers just aren’t fast enough.

Each car has its own specialty, use that to your advantage.

Two control schemes are included in the game, a joystick method along with the default touch and drag method. By placing your finger behind your cruiser, you automatically begin to accelerate. By rotating your finger around the car, you can make it turn, pull U-turns, etc. The joystick method is much simpler where the user simple pulls the joy stick in the direction they wish to move.

Simple and to the point controlling schemes, just the way it should be.

Gameplay: ★★★★★


As simple as a bird’s-eye view may seem, the complexity in the graphics are still quite decent. Although the actual level of detail and clarity surpasses that of Chinatown Wars, they aren’t up to par with Unreal-powered games. The graphics are fun, humorous, and 100% arcade quality. Everything is really just cleanly laid out while the animations are extremely smooth and exciting to watch. Slow motion effects and speedy ram effects really bring the newscast to life!

Brilliantly simply graphics mimic the styling’s of GTA Chinatown Wars.

Graphics: ★★★★★


To supplement the graphics and gameplay, the audio of the game is extremely upbeat. When you first start the game you will be greeted with music that sounds like it’s from some cheesy police-based movie. However, the soundtrack goes away and it’s straight down to business. The constant drone of the helicopter hovers over all the sound effects while the collisions, rams, and police siren quickly take over. These can get annoying after a while though.

Audio: ★★★★½


Unfortunately, Smash Cops doesn’t offer users too much replay. Although unlockable cars and achievements are helpful, they don’t really help you after the game is completed. Sure, you can go back and get five stars on everything to complete beat the game, but that really doesn’t do much. With only 20 levels to keep you busy, this game will tend to get boring after it’s over; even with the addictive factor too.

Going back and getting 5 stars on every level can, and most likely will, get boring after a while.

Hutch could have easily added another mode of gameplay where you play as the suspect escaping the police or even add in multiplayer where one player plays as the runaway and one as the cop. So much more could have been done in this game to make it last that much longer.

Achievements can only get you so far before more game modes or multiplayer is needed.

Replay: ★★★½


For the most part, the game’s 3 dollar price tag is justified. However, for 3 dollars, I’d expect much more replay. 22 levels just seems sort of short for this game, but nonetheless, it still is a quality game. Hopefully Hutch can update this game with more game modes and maybe more levels. In its current state, it is worth a buy if you’re bored. However, I don’t feel you get your entire money’s worth replay-wise.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

Smash Cops is definitely a fun game, and a great time killer. The gameplay, graphics, and audio are all perfectly in sync with each other allowing for an impeccable game experience. However, the lack of replay after you finish the game is a huge downside and holds this game from being a must-have on the App Store.

Overall Score

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