Motorola ‘Demands’ 2.25% of All iPhone and iPad Sales

According to a report today by the Wall Street Journal, Motorola last October 17th “demanded” that Apple provide them with a 2.25 percent cut of their iPhone and iPad sales — which would add up to be in the billions of dollars. (FierceWireless notes that the iPhone sales alone would be more than $1 billion.) In other words, Motorola is attempting to obtain a substantial amount of compensation for the patents that Apple infringed. Both Apple and Motorola refused to give a statement on the matter, according to WSJ.

Motorola Mobility was acquired by Google on August 15th of 2011 for $12.5 billion and Google hoped to use them as a “dedicated Android partner” that would receive updates to newer versions of the mobile OS much faster than others, though updates still seem to be taking a while to roll out to popular handsets like the RAZR and Bionic.

[Wall Street Journal via FierceWireless]

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