Samsung: “The Next Big Thing is Already Here, Again”

During yesterday’s Super Bowl XLVI game, Samsung aired a $10 million 90-second advertisement for their upcoming Galaxy Note smartphone. The South Korea-based electronics manufacturer hoped to win over customers with what they think will be the greatest feature of any smartphone — wait for it — a stylus. Now, for a main selling point, besides the large 5.3-inch display, this is probably the worst possible thing that anyone could ever use because it’s an item of the past generation.

Touchscreens have been revamped and nobody cares about styli anymore and it is the belief of most — but obviously not Samsung — that the device is better off gone. It makes no sense that Samsung would attempt to use a stylus as their main selling point for a product, though Samsung doesn’t really make any sense anyway. And now, for your viewing pleasure — or lack thereof — we present to you one of the strangest and most controversial advertisements in recent times…

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