Best Buy Issues Surveys for ‘Apple HDTV’ Set

An anonymous tipster has notified The Verge of a new survey that Best Buy has been sending to customers attempting to bring forth a response on prospective products. Now, the interesting part about this particular survey is that Best Buy asks about the speculated Apple television set that is supposed to be the Cupertino-based corporation’s contender in the HDTV market.

Best Buy wishes to know what you think of this alleged device, which speculatively includes iOS, iCloud support, Bluetooth support for iOS devices as remote controls, and access to Flickr, Netflix, and YouTube on the device. All of this is practically the same thing as what the current Apple TV box provides, except the actual television set includes it and you don’t need to purchase a peripheral device just to obtain the aforementioned features…

But wait, the end of this survey’s material is not yet here, as it does include a few more vital details that may interest you. First, the survey claims that the HDTV by Apple will include an “iSight” camera. This really doesn’t make any sense because Apple has not actually used the term to describe their webcams in quite a while. The survey also notes that this purported device will include support for Skype — which makes absolutely no sense seeing as Apple’s rival Microsoft now possesses the Internet calling service and Apple has their own solution to a video chatting system called FaceTime.

Regardless of the above, Best Buy’s survey claims that the HDTV set will be 42-inches in size and cost $1,499 — which sounds about right, considering Apple’s record of higher-than-usual price standards, though even 46-inch competitors sell for less than this.

The Verge has confirmed that this Best Buy survey is indeed legitimate, though one must still question the electronics retailer’s honesty in the matter. If you wish to see the survey for yourself, then please head over here to The Verge’s coverage. Is this what the Apple HDTV will be like, or is it just some evil trick by Best Buy to throw us off the trail? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Image via iEnlive

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