Google Hires a Senior Director at Apple for ‘Top Secret Project’

VentureBeat claims to have learned that Google hired Simon Prakash, one of Apple’s senior directors, to help them on a “top secret project.” Prakash was employed by Apple as their senior director of product integrity, according to his LinkedIn profile. As a senior director of product integrity for Apple, Prakash is responsible for managing product quality on all of Apple’s products — anything from from their mobile iOS devices to Mac computers. His LinkedIn profile also shows that he was once the senior reliability manager for Apple as well. In any case, he has been with the Cupertino-based corporation for over eight years and counting and now VentureBeat is claiming that he is aiding rival Google in a new “top secret project,” as previously mentioned …

What is this confidential assignment that Prakash has received? VentureBeat really doesn’t know, but they expect that Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder, has something to do with it. Brin is known for his confidential research and development projects at Google.

An interesting piece of information about this situation is that Apple apparently landed a “no poach” agreement with Google that would prevent each of the corporations from poaching on each other’s employees. This agreement is currently being investigated by the Department of Justice.

VentureBeat is currently in the attempting to elicit a comment from both Apple and Google, but so far there has been no response. Prakash is allegedly starting work on the project Monday, January 6th.


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