Crittercism: iOS Apps Crash More Often Than Android Apps

How often do apps crash on your iOS device? Once a day? A few times a day? Maybe it’s seldom or you just don’t notice it, but new data from Crittercism suggests that iOS is less stable than Android when it comes to running an app. The crash reporting site has assembled a record of the amount of times that mobile apps crashed between December 1st and 15th. This record shows that over all the versions of iOS tested, the latest update (5.0.1) experienced the most app crashes at 28.64 percent of the overall crashes. This is obviously expected since the it is the latest update and many developers have not yet optimized their apps to run on it, but the statistic is still appalling …

Other versions of iOS were also tested and prove to have similar crashing issues, but at bit of a lower percentage. iOS 4.2.10, for instance, had 12.64 percent of app crashes, while iOS 4.3.3 had only 10.66 percent — again, you should expect both of these operating systems to have less crashes than the current version since they are older and more apps have been tested with them. However, it’s a bit strange that iOS 4.3.3 experiences¬†less¬†crashes than iOS 4.2.10.

So you’re probably wondering by now, how does this happen? Crittercism’s CEO Andrew Levy thinks that it could be caused by hardware issues on apps that used location, GPS, or camera services, or it could be caused by the different methods of Internet connection — for example, the iPad has both WiFi and 3G models to suit the needs of different users. In any case, the most surprising fact in these statistics is that iOS app crashes actually occur more frequently than Android app crashes, and this doesn’t look good for Apple.

Crittercism surveyed over 214 million app launches from November to December in 2011 and in all their studies, iOS had many more crashes than Android. The pie graph above shows the exact percentage of each OS’ crashes.

When broken down to the devices, Apple’s iPhone is the most abundant in app crashes (74.41 percent of all), with the iPod touch behind it (accounting for 14.87 percent of the crashes) and iPad last (accounting for 10.72 percent of the crashes).

You should know that it’s easier to push an update to Android devices because developers don’t have to go through a review process, so they can easily fix a crash almost immediately. With Apple’s App Store, developers must go through the app review team to get their newest update out. This is more secure, but can potentially take longer.

So there you have it! How are your apps holding up these days? What’s crashing? Let us know in the comments!

[Crittercism via Forbes]

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