What We Want in 4.0

As I was browsing my daily Apple related news sites, I came upon the biggest news since the iPad was released: Apple is having a sneak peek of the new iPhone OS 4.0, on April 8th. I’ve stopped sipping my coffee and paused to reflect.

A new iPhone OS… this brings me to the excitement of upgrading to 2.0 and the disappointment of upgrading to 3.0. Hopefully iPhone OS 4.0 will feature useful updates

What I hope to see:
a) Multitasking. This is a big one. If the new update features multitasking, I will not wait for a second generation of iPad. This is the make or break type feature. Expose-like multitasking is nice, but I’ll still be happy with a simpler alternative: What proswitcher+backgrounder already offers– just hold the home button and select you app

b) Custom Themes. Probably wishful thinking on my part. I’d like to make my own themes, and then just upload them to my iDevice. Creating custom icons will also be a plus. As an iPTF user already mentioned, a custom store to buy/sell themes would be a nice addition. Unfortunately, I think this feature requires Apple to open their filesystem, which I doubt they’ll do. If Apple does release an update that will allow users to craft their own themes, I doubt it will be as customizable as a jailbreak would allow

c) Built in file viewer. Although there are decent options available, I would still prefer a native app that will view all my files. Think of Spotlight, but expanded for files like .pdf/docx/pptx and other formats that Apple supports

d) SBsettings. Obviously won’t be called that, but I’d prefer a “Task Manager”-ish feature. It will make it easier to control my wifi, brightness and even rotation (if Apple allows that) all in one swipe

What we’ll probably see:
In no particular order: a fix for the iPad’s heat sensors , iBooks for the iPhone/iPod Touch, perhaps iBooks International, a price tag of $10 for iPhone/iPod Touch users (yet free for the iPad crowd), horizontal springboard (for iPhone/iPod touch), ability to put Apps in folders and “Improved Performance”

As I regained from my initial shock, I realized the reason Apple would release the update so fast. What is the biggest piece of news about the iPad? That it has been jailbroken. This update probably serves several purposes: two prevent this jailbreak from happening (by making the update free for iPad users) and will offer an alternative to jailbreaking. And even perhaps to offer the iPhone/iPod Touch crowd a feel of the iPad experience. So don’t be surprised if you see the features you’ve been waiting for so long, hopefully Apple smartened up

I know there is an excellent iPhone OS 4.0 discussion on iPod Touch Fans. Let’s keep this discussion centred on the iPad. What do you think (and hope :) ) iPhone OS 4.0 will bring to the iPad?

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