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With the introduction of the Cydia Store and the ThemeIt app, spending money for themes has become more common. Paying for themes, or just donating money to themers, gives more incentive for the artists, which result in higher quality themes. Maarten16 has returned from his recent hiatus from the theming community with the introduction of Absolution, a very complete theme.  Read on for the full review:


Absoultion is an incredibly complete theme, to the point where almost every inch of the SpringBoard is covered. Every single stock app is themed, most, if not all, GUI elements are redone, and there is a color keyboard theme as well, which results in nothing looking out of place.

Over at the ModMyI thread, there is an insane amount of different lockscreens, home screens and miscellaneous modifications you can easily download and apply. Maarten has made sure that this theme has an active community.

The Garkin HTC Locksreen is one of the many lockscreens available for download. This lockscreen includes animations as well as a weather display.

Icon overlays, wallpapers, keyboard themes and an SD version are all provided. Maarten is even working on different color mods for the themes. Two of them are currently released, blue and pink, but they are still being completed. The icon overlay will only work on App Store apps.

The Blue Color Mod is available for download, although it is not yet completed.

To sum it up, this is the most complete theme I have ever seen. The inclusion of many lockscreens, color mods, and icon overlays ensures that there will be a combination that you will like. Themed Twitter and Facebook apps are being worked on as well. The only thing I’ve noticed that is not themed is the map location dot, which is a testament to the amount of elements that are themed.

Features: ★★★★★


This theme has a stealthier look to it. Textured, matte, and black bars are used for most of the GUI while a dark-green, matte design are used for buttons, icons, and scrollbars.

The music app is a good example of the black on green design. Album art is also themed in the same pixelated fashion that icons are.

The icon overlays consist of a shiny, glossy pixel texture. This structure is used for many theme elements such as buttons and clocks. There are overlays for album art as well as colored music controls. The effect on the album art as well as the clock both look amazing and reflects the icon overlay design.

The resizing of the icons and icon overlays make the unthemed icons, above the dock, look very similar to the themed icons, within the dock.

The compass, calculator, voice memos, and phone app are all given special design elements as well. The compass and microphone are green, while the calculator and phone buttons are green with the same textured overlay placed on App Store icons.

Everything down to the compass is themed with great attention to detail.

The design of this theme is absolutely stunning. The amount of detail put into design elements such as shading, textures, and overlays is phenomenal. The color themes will give you color customization, but the core design will remain intact. Nevertheless, the aesthetics are very favorable. It’s a combination of glossy icons and matte GUI elements, the yin and the yang that will please everyone to please everyone.

Design: ★★★★★


If you buy this theme, an SD version will be available in the extras section on ThemeIT. This can cut down on RAM usage if you’re using an older device, although this theme doesn’t eat memory for breakfust, lunch, and dinner. I saw a 20MB decrease in RAM after applying this theme and. After applying the HTC Lockscreen, I had lost an extra 25MB of RAM.

With the included SBSettings theme, the close button is not visible. Although this can be fixed with a small update, this is still a problem.

The included SBSettings theme looks great, although the x doesn’t show up.

There is a very small issue with the lockscreen however. If you’re using any lockscreen that has animation or weather widgets, you will notice a delay the first time you unlock your iDevice after a respring or reboot. This delay is sometimes accompanied by a distorted picture that lasts a second before the display is returned to normal. This delay is more emphasized when you’re using a lockscreen that has widgets. This can be remedied by using the stock, Absolution Lockscreen.

Another thing I had an issue with is that some text blends in with the background too much. This issue happens in both safari and youtube, where grey text is put over dark backgrounds. This issue is alleviated in the status bar by adding a green bar where the time would show, it even compensates for the free memory option in the status bar.

This only occurs when you reboot or respring your device. It lasts for about one second, then it returns to your lockscreen. I experienced this on multiple lock screens.

It’s very tough to create a lockscreen that has many elements such as animations and weather widgets without encountering small technical issues such as the ones mentioned above. Given that the lockscreen is very easy to change up, and new ones are being created all the time, this issue has been made very simple to resolve, and isn’t that big of a deal.

Performance: ★★★★


Since the theme market consists of a plethora of free themes, paid themes are held to a higher standard. $1.99 is not very pricey for a theme. It’s something you wouldn’t think twice about when spending it on an app that gives you hours upon hours of game play. This theme really enhances the user experience on your iDevice.

Considering the amount of work Maarten16 and Tuky06 have put into this theme, it’s definitely worth $1.99. Almost every single element of the theme is covered, and done beautifully as well. There are many great themes that are free, but I haven’t seen any that go into the amount of detail and depth as Absolution. With the amount of updates and vast community this theme has, it should last a very long time.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

As I’ve countlessly stated , this theme really does cover almost every single element there is to theme. In the grand scheme of things, $1.99 is a low price to pay for a well-designed, feature-filled, and complete theme. This is a theme I’d recommend to anyone who is looking for a good theme and just can’t find one. With the active community and upcoming color mods, this theme is one of the best theme I’ve seen for iOS so far.


Final Score:

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