Battle of the multitasking apps

Currently there are 5 multitasking apps “Desktop” apps on the iPad App Store. They are:

MultiTask ($2.99): Web Browser, Twitter Client, RSS Feeds

Desktop ($0.99 until 4/3): web browser, dictionary, unit convertor, translator, calculator, currency exchange rates, maps, e-mail writer, weather widget,information about your device (see New application: Desktop! for more info)

Split Screen ($0.99) / Duo Browser (FREE): View 2 different webpages at the same time( Split Screen appears to have the ability to resize the pages, not sure about this)

TweetBrowser ($1.99): Web Browser, Twitter Client

mini apps ($0.99, not currently out on the app store): Calculator, Web Browser, Sticky Notes, Weather, NASA® image of the day (more info:

Which one are you going to get? Know any others? From the descriptions/screenshots that we have now, Desktop looks to be the best. It may however go up in price to 4.99 Euros (USD?) on Sat. mini apps looks to have the most promise, because it can run any OSX dashboard widget, although until it is released on the App Store,

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