T-Mobile to Officially Support Unlocked iPhones

Back in September, T-Mobile marketing chief Cole Brodman claimed that there were over one million unlocked iPhone users on their network, and that the magenta-flavored carrier would like to offer a “no-compromise” iPhone experience for their customers. Despite expressing their interest in carrying the iPhone, T-Mobile is still waiting on Apple to make that happen. This is disappointing for T-Mobile, as the U.S.’s fourth-largest carrier recently suggested that it is feeling the effects of not being able to offer the iPhone 4S. But that isn’t stopping T-Mobile…

In the meantime, T-Mobile will begin offering official support for the iPhone on January 30th, as revealed by an internal employee memo leaked by TmoNews. The carrier will offer technical support to iPhone users, provide information about the iPhone’s features and specifications, and answer basic questions about the device. So, even though T-Mobile is the largest carrier in the U.S. that doesn’t yet carry the iPhone, it will surely be ready to adopt the handset should Apple decide to launch it on their network.


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