Brains Behind webOS Jon Rubinstein Leaves HP

The man behind webOS, Jon Rubinstein, has left his position as Palm Chief at Hewlett-Packard after serving his 12-24 month commitment. Rubinstein was previously the senior vice president of Apple’s iPod division before he left in 2006, and played an instrumental part in the creation of the original iPod.

Joshua Topolsky from The Verge had a chance to interview Rubinstein, not realizing that he was already on vacation in Mexico. Nonetheless, the former HP executive had the following to say about his future:

I’m not retiring or anything. I’ve never really retired. I’m gonna take a little break for a while, take my time, figure out what I want to do next.

Let’s just hope that Rubinstein finds his way back to the tech industry soon—he has helped shape the electronics world into what it is today, and his innovation will be missed. Perhaps he will pull a Tony Fadell and revolutionize the toaster.


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