Application Review: Run Roo Run

Oh no! Roo’s son has been kidnapped and taken to Sidney! You must help Roo complete each level in order to be reunited with his son. Apps such as Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, and Fruit Ninja have proven to be the leaders of the casual gaming market. However, most users have grown tired of playing the same titles in their free time. From the creators of Scribblenauts, Run Roo Run attempts to satisfy these consumers with playful graphics and addicting gameplay.


Run Roo Run is organized into 20 chapters filled with 15 levels each. In these levels, you must avoid obstacles such as trees and spikes by jumping at the correct time. Each chapter unlocks a new element, which can help or hinder Roo in each level. These elements include clouds, canons, invisibility, and double jump power ups. Depending on how much time is used, the user will be awarded a gold, silver, or bronze medal once Roo reaches the finish line.

Addictiveness is particularly present in the Extreme mode since levels are much more difficult to complete. For users who have beat all of the regular levels, a Weekly Levels mode is unlocked and is updated new levels each week to keep players busy.

You must avoid each obstacle to complete the level. Each arrow represents a previous jump.

The controls in Run Roo Run are extremely simple and easy to use. This is because Roo must complete each level by using only jumps, which are performed by tapping anywhere on the screen. The only other possible buttons to click are the pause, restart, and a drop-down menu for power ups that can be purchased. Buttons are minimal so that they don’t interfere with the game.

Gameplay ★★★★½


Every animation is depicted in a fun way.

The visuals in this game carry on the playful attitude that is demonstrated in its gameplay. Animations like cloud puffs, spikes, and explosions are executed with detail and creativity. Animations include puffs of cloud from fast moving spikes and an explosion-like graphic when Roo collides with an obstacle. The main visuals consist of cartoony figures with white outlines, which are very similar to the graphics found in Scribblenauts. These outlines make all of the textures and objects complement each other. Although the graphics are not extremely fancy or over-the-top, they are eye pleasing and work well together.

Graphics ★★★★★


You can play your own music by turning off in-game sound, then starting your song through the multitasking bar.

Run Roo Run provides a playful soundtrack that accompanies the casual gameplay. This is achieved through a catchy and fast-paced rhythm on the menu the screens, which then fades to a softer variation during gameplay. Alternatively, you can listen to your own playlist by accessing it in the multitasking bar. Each hop and boing is suitably portrayed with the arcade-style sound effects. These audio and music clips add to the casual game style that the game tries to achieve.

Audio ★★★★★


There are 49 Game Center achievements along with leader boards, Facebook, and Twitter integration.
Despite the absence of alternative game modes, Run Roo Run does excel in addictiveness through the use of gold stars and achievements. Also, it is jam-packed with twenty chapters – each with 15 levels – which adds up to a total of 300 levels. However, these levels are quite easy and can be beat within a few tries for the advanced player. To combat this issue, the extreme levels will keep players of all ranks busy for an extensive amount of time, but this does not fully make up for the lack of other game modes.

Replay ★★★★


Run Roo Run HD retails at the low cost of $1.99. The game is packed with hours of gameplay that spans over 300 levels. The one aspect that plagues the game’s value is the fact that it does not include alternative game modes or true online play. The developers at 5th tried their best to resolve this by implementing a multitude of Game Center achievements and weekly levels, but the issue still remains. With this said, Run Roo Run still excels at keeping any casual gamer interested while the user is still striving to achieve gold stars on every level. This makes it a great app for those who have beat Angry Birds or are tired of always playing Tiny Wings in their free time.

Value ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

5th Cell succeeded in creating a worthy successor to their more famous title, Scribblenauts, with the release of Run Roo Run. This game is a great way to pass time, but the lack of any true replay mode still plagues this app. Even though it is a great alternative to more popular casual games, it cannot overtake apps like Tiny Wings that have seemingly unlimited replay ability.

Overall Score

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