Ice Cream Sandwich for GSM Droid RAZR Leaks

Early this morning, a forum member of EternityProject leaked a very early testing build of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the GSM Droid RAZR. If you check out the screenshots here, then you should notice that the icon sets in this build of Android are from Motorola’s Blur skin — or, “Blurwich” if you wish to associate the skin with ICS. However, you’ll also noticed that the rest of the OS is very rough around the edges and Motorola still has a lot of work to do. Read on for more information on this leaked build of ICS.

The only current notable feature in this build is a four-option lock screen — one of Ice Cream Sandwich’s key features was the more customizable lock screen that included customizable “quick apps” and a swift camera launcher. This build lets us know that Motorola is thinking of giving users an option to customize their lock screen with two apps in the quick launcher.

This early build of Android 4.0 is currently at version 651.167.20 Retail en.EU, according to the source. We advise that you don’t try to flash this ROM on your Verizon RAZR because it’s very likely that your endeavor will end in disaster. However, if you’d like to look around in this Motorola-customized edition of Ice Cream Sandwich, then feel free to download it over here (here’s a mirror, just in case that one doesn’t work).

[EternityProject via Droid-Life]

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