Fring, Slacker, NAVIGON, TeleNav Respond to Multitasking in 4.0

After almost a week of being able to test the first beta of 4.0, several developers of popular iPhone apps have commented on how they feel about iPhone OS 4.0′s inclusion of multitasking. As expected, all our very supportive of Apple’s decision, and are excited to implement multitasking into their apps.

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First up, TeleNav, which powers AT&T Navigation [iTunes Link], Rogers Navigation [iTunes Link], and many other location-aware programs. They say:

Overall, we are very excited about the new multitasking and background location features as it opens up a variety of new capabilities for navigation and other location-based services on the iPhone. We’re actively working on new features and capabilities and look forward to sharing these with consumers soon.

Next, NAVIGON, which develops MobileNavigator [$79 - iTunes Link]. Like TeleNav, they are very optimistic about the features that will be available to users with multitasking:

We are very excited about the background location feature and will work on implementing this into our app, so that the app can run in the background and provide directions when, for example, taking a call. We’ve really been waiting for this, so it’s great to see this happening now.

Slacker, developer of popular Slacker Radio, is very optimistic about being able to stream music to users even when they leave the app, saying:

Right now 4 out of 5 of our mobile apps are on platforms that support multitasking and our listeners have let us know they enjoy being able to utilize their smartphone’s functions while listening to their favorite music. We are elated that soon Slacker listeners using their iPhone will have this same capability.

Developer fring, who develops VOiP solution Fring, is congratulatory in their comments:

fring is congratulating Apple for reaching this decision, which will only enhance the iPhone/ iPad’s user experience. With the allowance for VoIP calls over 3G and now the background VoIP functionality, Apple is taking great steps allowing for the freedom of choice fring has been a big supporter of, since day one.

With developers this happy about the features available to them, 4.0 is already looking to be an excellent update. Though some argue that OS 4 isn’t delivering real multitasking, this is obviously on improvement over past versions of iPhone OS. iPhone OS 4 is in beta one, with a launch date of ‘this summer‘ for iPhone/ iPod touch, and the fall for the iPad.

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