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imagesToki Tori: Chillingo’s top notch $4.99 platformer Toki Tori [review] was recently updated to support 3.0 firmware, allowing you to listen to your own music in game while adding four new bonus levels and support for a host of new languages.  They also more recently announced their Toki Tori Promotional Competition winners, where the top prize of $200 worth of App Store or WiiWare credit went to the aptly named ‘Tok Tori Masters’ for their Toki Tori Rap!

MiniGore: Firm forum favorite MiniGore [review] is due an upgrade.  Episode 2 was submitted to the App Store yesterday and will hopefully be available for download later this week.  This update will add in ‘furry sense, a third health with a headband, automatic save and restore, new OpenFeint and a faster firing rate on the shotgun’.

Meanwhile MiniGore’s developers at Mountain Sheep aren’t resting on their laurels and are busy loading up Epsiodes 3 and 4 into the breech, which will bring a host of new features, new levels and a couple of new characters, including Lizzy and Enviro-bear who cross over from other games and into the MiniGore arena to join the manic madness.  If you’ve never heard of the legend that is Enviro-bear then you just have to hit up that link!  We’re still eagerly awaiting our own MR Team member Radish’s appearance in the game and hope to see him being chased and gored by little furries sometime soon.

Quest for Knight’s Onrush: Still in the Chillingo camp, their stick-figure-flicking castle defence game Knight’s Onrush [review] is spinning off to spawn a free promo game in the same vein called ‘Quest For Knights Onrush’.

This new game sees the same stable of Knights Onrush characters but this time you are sans-castle and single handedly battling your way through the enemy hordes, while leveling up to help push on through the increasing madness.  Keep an eye out for this one.

Timeloop: Connect2Media’s Timeloop has just debuted on the App Store, with the full version currently at the the promotional launch price of $0.99 and a free ‘lite’ version to try before you buy.  The blurb suggests ‘amazing value for money for a beautifully realised game which includes 32 levels of time-warping puzzles, not to mention cats, professors and hair dryers’ and it indeed looks to be an interesting, fun and well presented puzzler.  A teaser trailer for the game is available here and I hope we’ll have a review up on site for you soon.

Clickgamer has a couple of new recent releases of note: Hover Poker, a multiplayer poker game where you use one iDevice and pass it around between you and your opponents; Touch Magic, an interesting pixel manipulation game.  They also have an update in the pipeline for Zombies Vs. Sheep to include a new campaign mode with progress saves and a flamethrower pick-up!

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