CM9 Alpha for the HP Touchpad Now Available

The developers behind CyanogenMod have released alpha-0 of CM9 for the HP TouchPad. CM9 is based on Ice Cream Sandwich, so you’ll get all kinds of sweets like the new Holo theme and improved native apps. Since this release is alpha zero, the devs have noted that there is zero hardware-accelerated video, zero camera, and zero support—so don’t expect this build to be stable enough for daily use, but testers are more than welcome to flash the ROM.

It’s time once again for another ground-breaking, earth-shattering, mind-blowing release. We’ve got something super-special and creamy for y’all to taste.

If you thought CyanogenMod 7 was great, this alpha is *two* CyanogenMods better. That’s right, introducing CyanogenMod 9 for Touchpad, Alpha 0! That’s a “zero” as in “zero hardware-accelerated video”, “zero camera”, and “zero support!”

Hit the source for the source! You can build CM9 yourself, or download a precompiled zip.


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