Lashinsky: Scott Forstall Will Become Apple’s Next CEO

According to an upcoming book by Fortune senior editor-in-chief Adam Lashinsky, Scott Forstall is next in line to eventually succeed Tim Cook as CEO at Apple. Lashinsky’s book, titled “Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired — and Secretive — Company Really Works,” claims that Forstall, Senior Vice President of iOS Software at Apple, is the Cupertino-based company’s “CEO-in-waiting…”

Forstall plays a very influential and important role at Apple, and his mobile software division currently accounts for around 70% of Apple’s total revenues. Lashinsky describes the head of iOS as very ambitious, but in a much plainer view than the typical Apple executive. Forstall might have quite the wait remaining until he “inherits the throne,” however, as Tim Cook will receive a hefty bonus of one million Apple shares should he remain in his position through 2021.

“[Forstall is] a sharp, down-to-earth, and talented engineer, and a more-than-decent presenter,” one entrepreneur toldĀ Adam Lashinsky. “He’s the total package.”


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