Apple Removes ‘Rate on Delete’ in 4.0

If you’ve got the 4.0 BETA firmware running on your iPhone or iPod touch right now, then you would have found many new features already, some of which may not have been announced at the original keynote.  As you can download apps from the AppStore as normal, if you’ve ever tried to delete an application lately, you wouldn’t have been prompted to rate the app before it actually gets removed from the springboard.

This first started back when 3.0 was let loose, as users were prompted to give the application a rating out of 5 before they delete it.  Developers and users were both annoyed at this little feature, being time-consuming and harmful to the rating system.

Apple originally placed it as an idea to urge participation in the AppStore’s top 100 charts, but other than failing at this, frustrated users.  If you’re going to delete an app, you obviously don’t like it, right (unless you’re trying to free up memory space)?  That was what developers were angry at.

Fortunately for most, Apple have seen the light to remove the ‘Rate on Delete’ feature from their latest and greatest OS 4.0.

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