Apple Considering HzO Waterproofing for iOS Devices

According to Pocket-Lint, Apple is looking into a new high tech waterproofing solution to protect its portable devices. The technology, called HzO WaterBlock, is a nanotechnology coating that protects electronic devices from damage by water, moisture and small debris. The company claims that it will be expanding this water-repellant technology to cellular phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, emergency response phones, GPS devices, cameras, entertainment devices, gaming consoles, earphones, accessories, and more.

WaterBlock’s materials are listed as “proprietary,” but HzO assures that the solution is non-toxic and organic. Accessory maker ZAGG originally acquired and spun off HzO into a privately held company, but has since become one of the company’s largest investors that is focused on marketing the product. The technology won many awards at CES 2012, and should make its way to many next generation devices soon. The company is trying to sign deals with all leading manufacturers. Let’s hope that includes Apple and future iOS devices.


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