Planetbeing Gets Unsigned Code Running on iPhone 4S

iOS hacker Yiduo David Wang (@planetbeing), a member of the jailbreak “dream team,” tweeted this morning that he was finally able to run unsigned code on his iPhone 4S. This is a significant milestone towards an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 on iOS 5.0.1. In response to a vulgar comment made by an impatient Twitter user, Wang claimed that he worked on the jailbreak for every second he was awake yesterday.

The hacker also noted that there is a lot of work required for a jailbreak of this nature and that nobody promised it would be quick. Fellow hacker @pod2g, however, did mention that the jailbreak should be released in just a matter of days now. Remember, patience is a virtue. These individuals put a tremendous amount of effort into their work, so let’s be appreciative of what they do for the jailbreaking community.


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