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Just about everyone knows what a F1 car is. Even in the media, children’s books, and other sources, a generic racer is generally depicted as some variation of an F1 body-wise. As many racing enthusiast know, F1 racing digs so much deeper into the car and driver alike; F1 2011 by Codemasters aims to recreate this experience on the iOS platform. Even though it has a few problems here and there, the game still does have some good features that make it a well-played-out sim.  Read on for the full review: 


F1 currently holds 2 modes of gameplay, time trial and grand prix, with the addition of the upcoming season mode:

  • Time trial: race against yourself on the track to get the best time possible. It’s good for practicing as well.
  • Grand Prix: a quick or long race that allows you to simulate an entire, or parts, of a race week as an F1 driver.
  • Season: go through a complete season as an F1 driver and join the championship chase. This mode is not yet available.

F1 2011 offers 2 game modes that are ready to play today, along with another one in development.

With a wide variety of cars and tracks, F1 offers racers the most versatile, simulation racing available to an iOS device. With a good set of real tracks and cars, it allows you to follow the full racing week, from the first practice all the way up to the entire race, of any given F1 driver. Rules and restrictions are still enforced, so illegally blocking a driver or cutting a corner will hurt you. One major downside of the game is the lack of customizability of the cars’ settings along with the poor collision detection. Both of which can really cripple this game somewhat.

23 other racers stand in your way from a first place finish.

Although there are multiple ways to control your vehicle along with many driver aids, the controls are something that really destroys this game. Sensitivity of the steering is really tough to get down, even after hours of practice; I still find it either too sensitive for this corner and not sensitive enough for another.

The controls were able to be deeply customized, but nothing really suited me well at all.

Gameplay: ★★★★


F1 2011 offers clear and distinct graphics that lie somewhere between those of NFS and RR2. The graphics have amazing clarity and do pay good attention to detail. The colors are vivid and bright which add to the driving experience.

The high framerates are a nice touch; however, it seems that the developers cut corners to get there. Cars lack the glossy finish and all really just have a matte appearance when they, in reality, don’t. Another main problem is the field’s depth that is visible. Everything that is close to you is 100% clear while things in the distance just pop into place when near. This can be the difference between getting a turn right or flipping your racer over.

The graphics in the game have great detail and clarity, but the objects at a distance is just aren’t there. The stands to the left aren’t completed yet, they should show up, but don’t.

Speaking of flipping over, another negative thing is the entire lack of a damage system. In the game, it is entirely plausible to slam head-first into a wall running around 200 km/h. This just shouldn’t be.

The menus are creative, yet simple I their own way. Resembling an F1 steering wheel, each individual button allows you to advance through menus while the wheel’s display functions as tabs. The organization is simple while navigation can be a little hard since many of the buttons aren’t responsive at all.

The menu looks really great and creative, but the buttons aren’t sensitive enough.

Graphics: ★★★★


Codemasters, being a experienced, long-time developer of PC games goes on to ensure that there is more than enough audio so the game’s experience isn’t ruined. The sound effects are plentiful from the high engine revs to the most exciting collisions. A game soundtrack isn’t present however as that would hinder any communications you have with your pit chief.

Audio: ★★★★½


F1′s main core for multiplayer is in the Grand Prix and time trial modes. These allow you to do a race on any track at any given time. The three difficulty levels also help out a bit. However, the lack of online playing, brings down this game greatly. The missing leader boards, and even the MIA achievements dot help out either. Although it does offer a good amount of replay, it can still go that extra mile.

Replay: ★★★★


For a game that really isn’t as polished as it should be, 5 dollars is asking a lot. Going even further, you can also recall that this game still isn’t finished. There was not one area of the game that I felt had any strength. They all seemed to be lacking something, whether it was the unfinished graphics or gameplay, missing replay, or even the BGM. There is always something missing.

Value: ★★★

Final Thoughts

F1 2011 does prove to be an entirely playable game, despite its missing features here and there. However it’s not finished, it’s not polished, it just doesn’t have that extra coat that makes it shine. There’s work to be done, but I’m sure this won’t be the last time we see this game in the App Store.

Overall Score

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