Google Releases Android Style Guide

Google has finally published a set of style guidelines for the Android user interface. Compared to their iOS counterparts, Android apps are, well, ugly. Google is turning over a new leaf with Ice Cream Sandwich, which actually looks polished compared to older Android versions due to the new Holo theme. One of the primary reasons the apps are terrible looking is because Google never enforced UI guidelines or released any sort of interface frameworks, so developers had to create elements from scratch—leading to the mess that you now see in the Market.

The new guidelines include a set of building blocks to help developers get started, and while many of the apps currently in the Market will likely be neglected, we hope that popular apps get a much needed facelift in the coming months.If you’re a developer looking to create an Android app, make sure to head over to the Android Design site before attempting to reinvent the wheel.

[Android Design]

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