Yikes… iPhone 4S Launch in Beijing Turns Ugly

Unfortunately for the people in Beijing that endured overnight temperatures as low as -9 Celsius (15 °F), the iPhone 4S launch in the Chinese capital was delayed because of excessive violence leading to SWAT team intervention. Apple had originally advertised that the Beijing store would open its doors at 7 AM local time, but the store remain closed at that time without an official explanation from the Cupertino-based company.

Shortly afterwards, the patience of the large crowd began to wither. The large mass of people began shouting phrases including “open the doors!” and “liars!” Then, at around 7:15 AM, several eggs were thrown at the storefront as those who had waited overnight expressed their frustration.

Security guards that attempted to stop the egg pelting were chased away by crowds. Police have now cordoned the store, but we have yet to learn what the current situation is. Elsewhere in China, the iPhone 4S launch was successful in both Shanghai and Xidan.


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