Verizon Will Require All Future Smartphones to be 4G

At CES in Las Vegas, Verizon announced that they will require all future smartphones to be 4G capable. This hard requirement will apply to Apple devices as well, so it’s safe to assume that the next generation iPhone will come standard with 4G. Big Red’s LTE service has suffered a few growing pains throughout the past couple of months, so we hope it’s ready for the increased load that will come from the new devices.

Verizon’s LTE network currently covers 200 million subscribers, and is expected to be completed by the tail end of 2013. Nearly all major Android devices released within the past year have 4G capability, but Apple is taking their time integrating the next-gen technology into their lineup of mobile devices. Sprint has even made the transition from WiMAX to LTE, and new Qualcomm chips will go easier on battery life than existing solutions, so Apple is running out of excuses.

From now on, nearly every smartphone, wireless hot spot, tablet, and Netbook that Verizon offers will come with LTE guns a-blazing. Yes, Virginia, that includes Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices, too.


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