Cydia Tweak Review: Springtomize 2

Apple’s SpringBoard is possibly the reason many millions of people love iOS and continue to buy iPads, iPhones and iPods. The easy-to-use, welcoming interface is one that had always grabbed me since day one in 2007. What grabbed me even more, is the mass amount of features and customizations hidden by Apple. Springtomize was available earlier this year for iOS 4.X and what made it quite astonishing were the many features in SpringBoard it could enable/disable along with the simple customizations you could perform with it. Springtomize also didn’t just enable hidden features, it added features previously not thought of by Apple. Now comes Springtomize 2 for iOS 5 with even more hidden features and customizations than this Fiat Punto.  Read on for the full review:


Imagine taking hundreds of Cydia tweaks and mashing them together into a medley of enablers and disablers and editors and modifiers and… No, close Xcode! It’s already been done. With Springtomize, there’s too many individual features to mention, however I can list the categories: animations, capabilities, docks, lockscreens, icons, and much more.

Animations lets you speed up iOS’ core animations, change to a vertical Multitasking animation and add the Tube TV lock screen. All of these were available as separate tweaks but are now more conveniently placed in one app thanks to Springtomize.

Capabilities lets you edit the N***P.plist by editing certain booleans, strings, and other values. Many people won’t find this useful unless they’re disabling Multitasking or a feature they don’t find useful.

There are plenty of nice options to customize the dock. For example, the CoverFlow effect faces your icons to the center, mimicking Apple’s CoverFlow effect. This looks great with 5 icons on the dock. Although, I noticed that with the CoverFlow dock feature, some icons would randomly point in too, while they weren’t on the dock. Surely this issue should have shown up in beta testing, and put me off using such a great feature. The Hide Dock option does exactly what it says, Springtomize also allows you to hide dock reflections. Use Custom Number uses the number selected in the menu below. A nice touch would’ve been to grey out the menu unless Use Custom Number was enabled.

I especially like the CoverFlow dock. A subtle change that improves the SpringBoard. Occasionally other icons may glitch to face inwards too, but only occasionally.

Springtomize allows you to do some pretty neat things to your lock screen too. You can Display Seconds, change whether your wallpaper shows all the time, and change the Slide to Unlock string to anything you like.

Time Machine is a new addition to Springtomize. This feature allows you to save your current Springtomize settings before you go on a bender with options, and easily restore to that point. Time Machine does exactly what it says on the tin, it allows you to quickly recover your settings with the touch of a button.

I could literally go through these features for pages, but then you’d get bored. You honestly need to go through them on your own, trial and error is the best way to go through Springtomize.

Score: ★★★★½


There isn’t much in the way of graphics in Springtomize 2. The new logo looks great and the newly added icons for each category fit in nicely, but a menu based tweak doesn’t have much in the way of graphics.

After installing the tweak and unlocking your device a dialogue box welcoming you and asking you to configure Springtomize’s settings pops up. The icon then pans out onto your home screen.

Menus in Springtomize are well set out, as they should be. Resembling the iOS, users don’t have to adapt to a new interface to use Springtomize. The only thing I could find wrong graphics-wise is with one of my favourite features. The landscape multitasking switcher also enables landscape Assistant (Or Siri). This obviously only occurs when a User has the Siri GUI installed. Filipo Biga could (and if Siri ports become common place, he should) integrate a solution in a further update.

As you can see here, there’s not much to talk about Graphics-wise.

Score: ★★★★


When it comes to reuse, I struggle to find fault with Springtomize 2. Every time you open it up you’ll find a new option you’d never seen before. It’s simple menu interface along with the concisely explained options bowled me over as soon as I purchased it. When clearing out my device of tweaks, I couldn’t bring myself to remove Springtomize 2, due to the incredible number of improvements it’s made to my device. Simple features Apple need to improve on, such as the landscape multitasking switcher, or the LockScreen clock seconds, all conveniently placed in one tweak.

In the App Switcher section, you can enable a landscape switcher, also enabling another landscape feature…

Score: ★★★★★


$2.99 is a lot of money when it comes to iOS, but I’m giving it a buy. The amount of paid Cydia tweaks this combines could spike up to about $30. Value is quite a hard target for many jailbroken tweaks. Some are overpriced, while others would still be used as much with a price tag. I felt Springtomize 2 lacked in none of the aforementioned categories, be it the Simple Menus, or the vast number of features, I maintain that $2.99 for this tweak is astounding, get it before Fillipo Binga comes to his senses!

Score: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

Springtomize 2 brings hundreds of reasons to jailbreak into one easy to use app. It tells us how far jailbreaking has come, from adding custom ringtones, to changing the number of icons on our home screens. If Springtomize 2 isn’t a main reason to jailbreak, then I don’t know what is.

Final Score

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