OnLive Beams Windows to the iPad

OnLive, the streaming gaming service available for desktops and mobile, has expanded their cloud-based offering with the ability to stream a full Windows 7 desktop straight to the iPad. The experience is similar to using RDP or VNC to remotely view a Windows desktop, but OnLive’s magical compression technology makes it feel as if the iPad itself is running the Redmond OS locally—audio can even be played back through the iPad’s speakers without a hitch. The Windows build is fully touch-screen optimized, so if you don’t have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse handy, you can still navigate around the desktop using your phalanges. Files can be uploaded and saved to OnLive’s servers for accessing through Windows, so you can fire up PowerPoint from anywhere with an internet connection. The service is going live January 12th, and both free and paid packages are available.

[OnLive via Engadget]

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